Instruments by Lamprey ATLAS KONTAKT

Instruments by Lamprey ATLAS KONTAKT 1

Instruments by Lamprey ATLAS KONTAKT

Atlas is a melodic software-based instrument running on the Kontakt 5 Engine, capable of adding deep melodic layers to any production. The instrument is designed to be as intuitive and fast as possible, and includes multiple sample banks and FX controls in a single .NKI to achieve this.

All audio examples use Atlas for the primary melodic elements, please check the Solo versions to hear isolated versions of the tracks. There is minimal processing on the Atlas Tracks (mainly highpass EQ), and no additional Delays or Reverbs were used.


  • Over 800 24-Bit High Quality Samples.
  • 16 Sample Banks or “Patches”.
  • Built-in Delay, Reverb, Filter, Movement and Trash FX.
  • Fully Automatable Interface.
  • 5-Octave Key Range
  • 2.9GB Of Samples (Compressed to 1GB .NCW)


  • Kontakt 5.8 or later (FULL VERSION REQUIRED).
  • 4GB of RAM (8GB Recommended)
  • Stable internet connection (for download).
  • 1GB Hard Disk Space (Compressed from 2.9GB)


Demo Preview: