Hyper Astral House WAV

Hyper Astral House WAV 1

Hyper Astral House WAV

Inspired by the unmistakable sound of Underground House Music; this collection features warm dusky sounds reminiscent of timeless House Music including Rich Deep Basses, Bruising Beats, Slamming Grooves and Catchy Musical Elements.

For the fans of Appolonia, iO (Mulen), Point G & DeWalta..

All loops are tempo synced at 127bpm. All Synth, Bass Loops and Pads are key labelled.

32 Full Drum Loops
20 No Kick Loops
25 Percussion Loops
25 Hat & Top Loops
19 Kick Loops
22 Percussion Loops
24 Clap & Snare Loops
31 Synth Loops
28 Bass Loops
21 Atmos & Pads
16 Ambience Recordings
15 SFX
55 Drum Hits


Demo Preview: