Groove3 U Produce Future Pop TUTORIAL

Groove3 U Produce Future Pop TUTORIAL

Groove3 U Produce Future Pop TUTORIAL
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Music production guru Larry Holcombe brings you an in-depth video tutorial series on creating a Future Pop track from scratch. Shot in Logic Pro X, but applicable to any DAW, see what goes into making this popular electronic music genre, as well as tons of production tips and tricks. You also get the stems so you can experiment on your own!

Larry welcomes you and then gets right to it, sorting out the key and scale of the vocal and song, and then creating a basic chord progression to underpin the production. Crafting the perfect piano sound is crucial to this track and Larry reveals some of his secrets for doing so.

Working out the intro, Larry then shows you how to program cool arpeggiated parts as well as crafting drums that push the arrangement to the drop, and then creative FX usage such as white noise FX, layered snare rolls, sub drops, reverse FX and more, for the build ups.

Larry now focuses on mixing the elements of the production and then goes deep into the arrangement so it has energy, forward movement and seamless transitions from section to section. Wrapping it all up, you’ll see how Larry mixes and masters the track so it is competitive against other tracks in the Future Pop genre.

If you’re into Future Pop and want to know what goes into creating this exciting sound, or just want more info on creating tracks in the vast world of electronic music, this is for you… watch “U Produce™ Future Pop” now.