Groove3 Studio One Know-How Compressors and Dynamics


Groove3 Studio One Know-How Compressors and Dynamics
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Studio One offers numerous compressors and other dynamics tools, and in this video tutorial series Studio One pro Markus Huyskens explains and explores the options you have at your fingertips.

Marcus begins with a brief introduction and a primer on how to use compression in general, then demonstrates how to use the Compressor, Expander, and make-up gain features in the Studio One Channel Strip. Next, he shows you how to use the dynamics section of the Fat Channel, including the Limiter, Gate/Expander, and Compressor.

Then it’s time for a deep dive into the Multiband Dynamics plug-in, and Marcus reveals how to take control of the discreet frequencies in your tracks and dial in compression settings tailored to the individual frequency bands.

Marcus now demonstrates the parameters of the RC500 State Space plug-in, and the VT1 dynamics plug-in, including its unique impedance settings, as well as how to use the Tricomp, focusing on how it can add vibrance and apparent loudness when used on the mix bus.

Wrapping it up, Marcus explores how to use the limiter to raise the overall loudness enough to compete with modern mastered tracks, and ends by showing you creative uses for Studio One’s dynamics processors. First, he shows you how you can use the built-in Compressor to create a frequency-based deesser by using its sidechain filter, and how to set up a parallel compression chain by using the Splitter.

If you’re new to Studio One, or if you’re an experienced user looking to really learn the dynamics plug-ins available, watch “Studio One Know-How: Compressors & Dynamics” today!

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