Groove3 Reverb Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 Reverb Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 Reverb Explained TUTORIAL
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Reverb is perhaps the most misunderstood /misused effect in the mixer’s toolbox today. In this timeless series, DAW superman Eli Krantzberg reveals everything you need to know about this mysterious effect and how to apply it to the most popular instruments in your productions.
Eli starts with a great overview of reverb in general, then breaks down the different sections found in the most common reverb plug-ins. He then shows you practical applications such as reverb on drums, vocals, guitars and even as special effects. He wraps up the series with some great tips on using automation to enhance your reverb effects.
Furthermore, the series is designed so that the information can be applied to any reverb plug-in, so you can start using what you learned immediately.
Let’s face it, reverb is probably the most used effect in your DAW. Watch Eli and master this highly complex and important effect. Get “Reverb Explained” today.


Chapter 1 : Working with a Single Space
Chapter 2 : Working with Drums
Chapter 3 : Working with Vocals and Guitars
Chapter 4 : Reverb FX


01 SpaceTheFinalFrontier_HD
02 DryRun_HD
03 ACommonSpace_HD
04 AirReverbandEarlyReflections_HD
05 FrontToBack_HD
06 CreatingADrumRoom_HD
07 BusStop_HD
08 SnareShifting_HD
09 ConvolutionReverbandWavesIR1_HD
10 VocalAmbience_HD
11 LeadVocal _Preverb_ Processing_HD
12 DualReverbStrategies_HD
13 PreandPostGateEffects_HD
14 DelayVerb_HD
15 WorkingWithMonoReverbs_HD
16 CreatingMoving_ReverseReverb_HD
17 CabinetVerb_HD
18 ReverbCombinations_HD
19 LongReverbFX_HD
20 InYourSpace_HD
21 FadeOutandFadeAway_HD
22 ReviewandFinalMix_HD