Ghosthack Sounds Unique Drums Collection Vol.2 WAV

Ghosthack Sounds Unique Drums Collection Vol.2 WAV 1

Ghosthack Sounds Unique Drums Collection Vol.2 WAV

Are you tired of using similar sounding drums over and over again?

Do you want to stand out from the masses and be ahead of your competitors?

Drums are an essential part of every music track and having a huge collection of different sounding drums can be the key to stand out from the large amount of music on the market.

Our international sound designers used some experimental techniques to create some outstanding fresh sounds: Intense pitch modulation, sample layering, ring modulation, tight stereo delays, bitcrushing/downsampling, and a lot of granular resampling.

Our “Unique Drum Collection 2” features a wide range of heavy 808s, hard-hitting kicks, crispy snares, sizzling hi-hats, experimental percussions and foley hits and full sounding toms.

Regarding loops you will find everything from percussion loops to full drum loops, glitch and foley loops.

All sounds are royalty free and come as 24bit .wav files, which will work in every software.

Unique Drum Collection Volume 2:

Includes 600 One-Shots and Loops


  • 20 Toms
  • 30 808s
  • 30 Cymbals
  • 40 Glitch Percussions
  • 40 Hi-Hats
  • 60 Foley Percussions
  • 60 Kicks
  • 60 Snares


  • 20 Foley Percussion Loops
  • 30 Glitch Percussion Loops, 20 Hi-Hat Loops, 40 Drum-Percussion Fills
  • 40 Full Drum Loops

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