Futurephonic D!ck Trevor Masterclass TUTORIAL

Futurephonic Dick Trevor Masterclass

Futurephonic D!ck Trevor Masterclass TUTORIAL

What can we say about D!ck that hasn’t been said before? He’s at once a heritage Psytrance figure AND a cutting-edge artist – he’s never fallen behind the curve and sits comfortably as one of the game’s most respected producers of all time, now working with premiership label Nano records.

From his days with classic Goa act Green Nuns of the Revolution til’ now with his solo act D!ckster, through his collab projects with Burn in Noise, Simon Posford, Tristan, Aphid Moon, plus being live engineer for Shpongle – D!ck has twenty years of solid experience to share with us.

In D!ck’s Masterclass, he’ll start by working with a basic loop, showing you how he creates the fundamental elements of Psytrance, before developing it and taking us on a journey through processing and tweaking – sharing his secret tips and techniques all along the way.