Fractals – Heavy Glitch Breaks WAV

Fractals – Heavy Glitch Breaks WAV 1

Fractals – Heavy Glitch Breaks WAV

We are proud proud to bring you “Fractals – Heavy Glitch Breaks” by world class sound designer and award winning producer Colin C. (HBO, FOX, Showtime, NBC/Universal, Lionsgate).

Fractals weighs in at over 1GB of heavy hitting, elegantly broken, spaced out breaks and beats. Featuring drones and atmospheres that will add an entirely new dimension to your latest production in no time flat. The glitchy loops are broken into various elements, such as Bass, Drums, Pads and Synths, giving you all the layers you need to take your new song into new heights! This is a one-size-fits-all library, with BPM ranging from 125 clear up to 170, making this perfect for Breakbeat and Dnb producers alike. If you want to step even further into the Fractals universe, you can build your own grooves and beats with the unique one shots. You will find not only professional crafted drum sounds, but also, heavy hits of deep and dark Granular, Punchy boom’s, Rumbling subs, sizzling Splashes and entire FX and textures; perfect for plopping into your favorite sampler or DAW. Intertwine these with your beats, and you have something truly top notch!

So what are you waiting for? Grab Fractals – Heavy Glitch Breaks today and stay inspired!

Whats Inside:

30 Atmospheres
75 Bass Loops
50 Drum Loops
50 Drum One Shots
50 FX
30 Pad Loops
75 Synth Loops