Finesse – Instrumental Hip Hop WAV MIDI

Finesse – Instrumental Hip Hop WAV MIDI 1

Finesse – Instrumental Hip Hop Sample Pack (WAV MIDI)

We are proud to present Finesse, our latest library that oozes inspiration from the contemporary hip hop scene.

This pack delves deep into the production aesthetic often found in tracks by heavy hitters such as A$AP rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Playboi carti, and Kodak black.

The foundation of Finesse comes from the distinguished 64 one shot drum samples which range from thuddy kicks, snappy hip hop snares, crackling tops and characterful percussion elements.

In addition to these there are 15 tangled drum loops which can be directly dragged and dropped to infuse any beat with flair, not to mention the stems to these drum loops are also included to allow interchangeability between the grooves offered.

As a bonus we have included an extra 11 percussion loops which are perfect for layering over your own drum patterns made with the amazing one shots.

Inside Finesse you will find an extensive selection of haunting melodies, dark chord progressions, and unique basslines aimed to mimic the production aesthetic of the beats used by A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, etc.

We have also included complete key and tempo labelled MIDI clips to match the music loops, giving you the ability to build on your productions with your own synths and sounds along side the audio loops.

Last but not least, Finesse provides a range of detailed SFX, from warped drones, field recording ambiences, transition drum rolls, vinyl scratch loops, through to heavy impacts.

This all gives you a wealth of sonics to select from to add that final flourish of detail and atmosphere to your productions.

Finesse is perfect for producers of all levels looking to push their contemporary hip hop productions, whether you are looking for samples to quickly drag and drop into your project for smooth and easy workflow, or looking to spend time meticulously warping samples into something new and unique to you, Finesse has plenty to offer.


Whats in the pack?

  • 64 Snappy drum hits
  • 15 Rolling drum loops (with stem bounce)
  • 11 Bonus percussion loops
  • 13 Punchy bass loops (+MIDI)
  • 11 Emotive chord loops (+MIDI)
  • 16 Catchy melody loops (+MIDI)
  • 8 Thick drones / ambiences
  • 21 Adaptable musical one shots
  • 21 Distinctive SFX


Demo Preview: