Echo Sound Works SMORES + Bonuses

Echo Sound Works SMORES + Bonuses 1

Echo Sound Works SMORES + Bonuses


Echo Sound Works, the team behind top selling products like Ashes, Chainsmoking, Snake Lazers, CODA and so much more, is excited to bring you an incredibly fun and inspiring collection of sounds.

We spent 4 months crafting the content for SMORES. This is our largest pack to date. SMORES comes with 120 Serum presets, 85 Massive patches and a bunch of inspiration and easy to use bonuses totaling 3.5 GB of total content.

SMORES is the genre bending soundset for both Xfer Records Serum and NI Massive, pushing Future Bass and mainstream Pop EDM into new boundaries. Inspired by none other then Marshmallo, It is uplifting, euphoric and fun.

Instead of making an entire pack of sounds Marshmallo has already used, we set out to make sounds that Marhsmello would actually WANT to use in his own productions. Of course we recreated a few of the classics for good measure.

We pushed each synth to it’s limits to bring you the most diverse set of presets. From drop defining chord patches and mix-ready leads to insane key patches and chill pads, this pack has it all. Oh, and the basses. They are huge, in your face and teaming with personality. We carefully assigned macros for both synths so you have control over all important elements of any patch.

SMORES truly does blur lines between genres and can be used in Future Bass, Trap, Tropical House, House, Future House, Moombahton, Pop, Hip Hop and more. It’s not just for songs that inspired by Marshemllo.

As an added bonus, you will also receive TWO BONUS PRODUCTS FOR FREE. Slushy and ESW Pop Keys.

Pack Contents:

120 Serum Presets
85 Massive Presets
60 Sylenth Presets
21 Kontakt Instruments
330 Drums/Drum Loops
35 MIDI Files
4 Construction Kits


It’s crazy to think that this synth still sounds THIS good. Sylenth is perfect for the uplifting, slightly cheesy sounds that are a staple of all things Marshmello. This collection of sounds is inspired by the sounds of Slushii. Get 60 unique sounds that include basses, chord patches, leads, plucks and more.


The Pop Keys is a collection of 20 pianos & key sounds geared for Pop and EDM. The Pop Keys are not the library you’d choose for a piano ballad (sorry Adele), but they are the perfect choice for EDM and Pop songs that could use an unique sounding piano or two. You can also use them to layer with your go-to piano samples for a more unique sound. Has a custom interface.


Demo Preview: