@duce.6x Taupe Haze Sample Pack MP3

@duce.6x Taupe Haze Sample Pack MP3 1

@duce.6x Taupe Haze Sample Pack MP3

This loopkit contains loops made by duce, in the style of Cubeatz, 808 mafia, Pvlace, Vou, Dark

You will get a ZIP (54MB) file

If selling a beat through BeatStars which uses the sample(s), you must collaborate and split percentage 50/50 with Duce. (Beatstars name: “Duce” link is at the bottom)

If a record is placed using the sample(s), the publishing rights and masters (royalties) will be split EQUALLY with Duce & producer(s) involved on the record and credited must be issued to Duce.

If a Non Major/Major Label or independant artist offers an advance or flat-fee for the production which uses the sample(s), an equal split must be given to Duce.

All contents in this folder are owned by Duce.
By downloading this material you agree to not in any way disclose this material to any third parties without the consent of Duce.
Duce owns 100% rights to all samples sent with this message.