Drums In Serum TUTORIAL

Drums In Serum TUTORIAL 1

Drums In Serum TUTORIAL

In this course we are learning how to synthesize actual legit sounding EDM drum sounds inside XFer Serum only. Serum is a powerful synthesizer for bass sounds, pads, synths etc. but for drums it can be a little tricky.

Video 1 – Kick

In this part we are looking into the production process of regular EDM kick drums. In the video we are making a regular house kick drum but with some tweaks and a different transient sample in the Noise oscillator you can easily turn it to any style of drum sound.

Video 2 – Clap

In this video we are making a 909 style clap sound from a single noise sound. The best thing in Serum is that you can use your own recorded foley sample in Serum Noise oscillator for a very different result.

Video 3 – Snare

Snares can be tricky to make because it doesn’t matter if you want to make it punchy or acoustic sounding it always needs 3 parts to make and all of them must match well together. In this video we are showing you how to do this well to create a huge EDM snare suitable for house, dubstep or even drum and bass.

Video 4 – Closed Hat

Let’s be honest! Even Roland engineers were not able to make acoustic sounding hihats because it can very complicated and it would need complex FM capabilities that Serum can’t provide. Although there are some workarounds to solve this problem and synthesize our own hihats, and in this video we are showing you how to do it.

Video 5 – Percussion

In this video we are learning to knowhow of creating different types of percussion sounds inside Serum. With simple tweaks you can take this knowledge and turn any sound into a cool percussion hit in XFer’s signature synthesizer.

Video 6 – Tom


Synthesizing a tom sound can be similar to making a kick drum but this is why it can be hard to do it well because we never know what parameter to change to get a nice lengthy but not subby hit that also is punchy and wide. In this video we are teaching you the secrets.