Cymatics PHARAOH Drum Programming Course

Cymatics PHARAOH Drum Programming Course 1

Cymatics PHARAOH Drum Programming Course TUTORIAL

To top it all off, Pharaoh also comes with an enrollment into a full start to finish drum programming course!

It’s not enough to just have the sounds, having deep domain knowledge on the ins and outs of writing drums is essential.

In this course, we’re going to show you exactly how we write our drums in a wide variety of styles.
The knowledge in this course will really help you become a diverse producer who can incorporate new elements from multiple genres into your production.

01 Sound Selection
02 Audio Drums
03 MIDI Drums
04 Swing
05 Hi Hats
06 Perc
07 Complimentary FX
08 Repurposing Drum Loops
09 Extracting MIDI From Loop
10 Mixing
11 Drum Loop Processing
12 Classic Drums
13 Drill Drums
14 Trap Drums
15 Unique Drums
16 Outro