CUBE – Full Size House & Tech-House Library

CUBE – Full Size House & Tech-House Library 1

CUBE – Full Size House & Tech-House Library

All you need to make your next hit.

Cube is packed with inspirational loops that capture the essence of house & tech-house.

Featuring a full library of 360 sounds. Cube has you covered from all sides. Drum loops, synth loops, bass loops, FX, textures & more.

What’s Included?

Bass Loops – 27 Powerful bassline loops. Providing you with a solid low-end.

Synth Loops – 27 Melodic synth loops. All labelled with key and BPM information.

Chord Pad Textures – 27 Chord and pad textures that assist you with kickstarting ideas.

Vocal Loops – 27 Recorded, effected and chopped vocal loops. Offering lots of expression and detail.

FX Loops – 27 Unique and powerful effects. Perfect for creating seamless transitions.

Percussion Loops – 27 Distinctive percussion loops. Great for layering and adding thickness.

Drum Hits – All the drum hits you need to create your own signature loops.

  • 27 Key labelled kick drums
  • 27 Hi-Hats
  • 27 Percussion
  • 27 Clap & Snares

Totalling 108 drum hits.

Drum Loops – 27 Complete drum loops. Each loop is also broken down into it’s core elements. Giving you full creative control over the groove.

90 drum loops in total.


Demo Preview: