Crate Digging II – Vintage Hip Hop Soul WAV

Crate Digging II - Vintage Hip Hop Soul WAV

Crate Digging II – Vintage Hip Hop Soul WAV
Size 467 Mb

Unearth a gold mine of vintage sample goodness in our newest pack “Crate Digging II”.

Our much anticipated follow up contains an even more gorgeous array of the most prime dusty old samples on the market.

Suited but not limited to use in hip hop, neo soul and nu jazz.

Much like its predecessor, volume II has an impressive variety of smooth and airy loops for you to immerse yourself in.

Most notably the addition of the “Stacked Loops” sub-folder, in which we have meticulously combined a variety of instrument loops into rich, textured audio files, ideal for dragging and dropping straight into a project.

If you are looking for complete control over your sound, then make sure to utilise the remaining music loops folders, including 17 organic melodies, 11 sublime chords and 10 gnarly basslines, all with accompanying MIDI.

This packs standout quality is the authenticity of its sounds.

The saxophones, pianos and keys sound like they were pulled straight from an old record, when in fact they were cleverly processed recordings, providing you with the easiest sampling experience.

We also have you covered for drum samples. Youre spoiled for choice with 120 expertly crafted drum one shots to get your hands on.

The 30 kick drums and 30 snares have the definition and clarity of a modern recording, but the dustiness of an ancient sample, perfect for adding rustic hues to your work.

The percs and tops follow the same trend; allowing you to have a great sounding mix, full of that sought after vintage character.

The extension of drum sounds doesn’t stop there however.

Our folder of drum loops contains 20 diverse loops, showcasing the true authentic style that makes this pack special.

In addition, we have rendered each loop without kick and/or kick and snare for ultimate control over your sound, as well a set of bonus loops for the finishing touch.

As is routine with our packs, we have rendered out 40 gorgeous instrument / bass one shots, for use as MIDI instruments or for extra layering.

The 20 basses include everything from thick upright plucks to warm and fuzzy synth stabs, useful in any style of music.

Switch over to the instrument one shots for an extra selection of angelic synths, dense pianos and everything in between, all transposed to C3 for ease of use.

Finally, greatly increase the fidelity of your mixes by applying subtle or prominent effects with our SFX folder, to push your sound up to the level of the pros.

This folder contains everything from extra musical stabs, to vinyl artefacts and subtle vocal noises, ready to be dragged into places of absence within your mix.

The 2nd instalment of Crate Digging is the quintessential dusty library of vintage sounds.

Containing everything you might need and want to achieve the mature analogue sound that people are talking about.

Whats in the pack?

• 120 Dusty drum hits
• 20 Extra percussion/top loops
• 20 Snappy drum loops (including stem exports)
• 10 Thick bass loops
• 12 Soulful chord loops
• 16 Fluent melody loops
• 10 Sampled stacks (with aged & chopped variants)
• 40 Varied musical one shots
• 31 Vintage SFX


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