CPA Cicadas Acoustic Serenades WAV

CPA Cicadas Acoustic Serenades WAV 1

CPA Cicadas Acoustic Serenades WAV

Made in partnership with Arthouse Acoustics, Cicadas is a collection of acoustic guitar samples, ranging from classical Spanish and Italian nylon-string to modern steel-string strums and picks. We also included resampled loops ready to be dropped into any modern trap or hip hop production. That’s not all. To create depth and variety of tone, this pack features other instruments such as banjo plucks, electric/baritone guitar, and ukulele.

If you’ve never heard the sound of the cicada, an insect known to tropical climates, its song is that of warm, carefree summer nights. This collection demonstrates how old romantic tradition and modern technology can harmonize.

CP:A Designed Inspiration. Led by Jay Pulman AKA Capsun, this company is made up of producers that are passionate about new music and the tools that help make that happen. Each genre is represented by a dedicated expert musician who is familiar with the most current trend. The result is an overall sample collection without weaknesses and with something for everyone.



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