Complete Guitar Care & Maintenance: The Ultimate Owners Guide PDF

Complete Guitar Care & Maintenance: The Ultimate Owners Guide PDF 1

Complete Guitar Care & Maintenance: The Ultimate Owners Guide PDF

“Everything you need to maintain, set up and protect your guitar.”

Cleaning & Restringing – Setups & Adjustments – Care & Storage – Minor Repairs

“Complete Guitar Care & Maintenance, The Ultimate Owners Guide” is the essential care guide for guitar owners everywhere. Filled with over 170 pages of step-by-step instruction, 300 images and diagrams, and a plethora of exclusively derived specifications and manufacturers’ recommendations. You will have everything you need to maintain any guitar, no matter what your experience level.

Get the low-down on instrument cleaning and preservation. Improve the performance and sound of your guitar with simple adjustments. Take your setup skills to the next level with precision neck adjustments, string height adjustments (bridge saddle and nut), pickup height adjustments, intonation, and more. Do minor repairs, fix electronics, and other common issues with total confidence. Learn about guitar care, such as humidity and storage. Use the included cut-out tool templates to broaden your guitar setup prowess.

This is a complete reference manual, perfect for players, collectors and budding professionals alike. Written to be simple, accessible, streamlined, and easy to follow. Pertains to electric, acoustic, classical, and bass guitars.

From your friends at Blackwood Guitarworks and the Guitar Setup Pro App.

Included in the book:

  • How to maintain your guitar for peak performance & longevity
  • How to clean, polish and store the guitar for long-term protection
  • How to restring the guitar properly
  • How to set up electric, acoustic & bass guitars
  • How to adjust neck relief (bow) for optimum playability
  • How to adjust string height for your playing style and guitar type
  • How to file nut slots, adjust pickup height and set the intonation accurately
  • How to adjust Fender-style tremolo’s, Gibson hard-tails, Floyd Rose and other floating bridge types
  • How to adjust the saddle on your acoustic steel string or nylon string guitar
  • How to solder and repair electronics
  • How to replace jacks, switches, and pickups
  • Manufacturer’s setup specs from Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Jackson, Gretsch and others
  • Exclusive setup specifications from the author’s best playing guitars & basses
  • Cut-out templates for radius gauges, under-string radius gauges & an action ruler
  • An extensive troubleshooting section
  • A library of common wiring diagrams
  • A handy measurement conversion chart
  • And much more!