Cello & Oud For Electro WAV MIDI PRESETS

Cello & Oud For Electro WAV MIDI PRESETS

Cello & Oud For Electro WAV MIDI PRESETS

Experience the gripping storytelling sounds of the Cello and the Oud with “Cello and Oud For Electro” from Big EDM.

The cello, an orchestral stringed instrument, has thicker strings than both the viola and the violin.

As part of an orchestra, they play melody and harmony by providing both low and high tones.

By differing in its forms of expression the cello can range from calm and solemn in the lower tones to bursts of passion in the uppermost tones.

The oud is considered to be one of the oldest musical instruments and considered the very embodiment of Arabian musical culture.

The oud is a fretless, plucked short-necked lute with a body shaped like half a pear.

Its sound is often described as tender and sweet as a nightingales song.

Big EDM has fused beautiful organic instrumentation with modern electronic music.

If you are looking to broaden the spectrum of your mix and emphasize a deeper passion download “Cello and Oud for Electro” from Big EDM

Our audio sample packs are created by experienced sound design professionals.

Our goal is to provide you with the most unique and innovative sounds with our highest regard for quality.

The pack contains:

• 20 Cello Loops
• 20 Oud Loops
• 20 Cello and Oud Loops
• 52 Serum Presets
• 10 Cymbals
• 17 FX
• 30 Kicks
• 20 Percussive
• 40 Snares and Claps
• File Size: 363MB
• 230 Sounds WAV & Serum Presets

*Other genres that this package may be useful in:

• Chillout
• Deep House
• Future Bass
• Presets / Patches
• Sound FX


Demo Preview: