BVKER Trap For Serum Vol. 2

BVKER Trap For Serum Vol. 2

BVKER Trap For Serum Vol. 2

BVKER’s Trap For Serum Vol. 2 is filled with 120 top-level Serum presets, inspired by the current Trap and Hip Hop trends. To make sure the pack is useful for every producer, regardless of their sound design knowledge we equipped every preset with 4 custom macros empowering you to shape all sounds, even if you don’t know anything about sound design. Since the pack covers a wide range of different sound categories, including keys, pads, bells, leads and more you won’t need any other preset pack soon.

The Melody Collection

In addition to the Serum library we used presets from the pack to create a 100+ catchy melody loops. All samples have been rendered with reverb and delay tails so they can be seamlessly looped. They have further been processed using high-end outboard gear so they’re 100% mix-ready. Pick a melody of your choice, add some drums and the beat is done.

The MIDI Collection

Since we wanted to ensure that the pack offers full flexibility we included a matching MIDI file for every single melody loop. This allows you to easily switch up the preset, pitch the melodies to another key, change up the tempo or even modify the progression entirely.

Pack contains:

120 Serum Presets
107 Melodic Loops
107 MIDI Loops
13 FX Samples

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