Beat Spot 75K PDF Book

Beat Spot 75K PDF Book

Beat Spot 75K PDF Book
Size 64 Mb

75K PDF Book with 300 pages, features all of our tips sorted by topics such as mixing, mastering, production techniques, workflow, plugins, marketing and more.
If you found yourself struggling when reaching out to our posts on Instagram, we got you covered.
Don’t waste time browsing Instagram, avoid any distraction and speed up your sessions with this handy book.

Who is this for?

75K PDF Book is for beginners who want to learn the basics, for intermediates who want to learn advanced tricks and for advanced producers who want to have a bunch of reminders at their fingertip.

What are its strengths?

The amount of knowledge is really in-depth and spread out to several topics.
The book is covered with hyperlinks that allow jumping from a chapter to another with ease. The user experience is delighted by a design that is unmatched.

How can I use it?

On any digital device, we suggest to keep it open on a tablet or smartphone while producing so you have a handful of tips ready to speed up your sessions and level up your projects.

Can I print it?

Yes, a few hardcore fans did and really enjoyed it! We suggest printing it on both sides of each paper and possibly to group multiple pages on each side to save paper and having a lighter result.
Are there going to be new versions in the future?
We keep working to level up the quality, scale the quantity and improve the user experience from time to time. Whoever supports us along our journey is part of the family and will automatically receive an email with a great discount on the next versions as they come out

75K PDF Book Specs:

PDF, 300 pages, 75,2 MB