Anubis – Tales Of Eastern Trap WAV MIDI

Anubis – Tales Of Eastern Trap WAV MIDI 1

Anubis – Tales Of Eastern Trap WAV MIDI

Take your productions to the dark underworld with Origin Sound’s Anubis, fusing synthetic sub frequencies with Eastern influenced organic timbres and melodies. Anubis contains a wealth of high fidelity samples fitting for but not limited to: Trap, Hip Hop, and Half Time, with everything you’d need from crunchy drum hits, vibrating sub bass, dark chord progressions, piercing leads, and foley infused SFX, to take your productions to the next level.

The foundation of Anubis provides a selection of 16 drum loops and an additional 10 bonus percussion loops, ranging from 90 – 150BPM, split up into stems for full creative customising when constructing your beats. Anubis also contains an expansive selection of 67 snappy one shot drum samples ready to be loaded into a drum machine or sequencer, for those who like to truly add their own unique rhythms to their productions.

The music loops included in Anubis are second to none, with a selection of bass, chord, and melody loops all mapped out by key and titled similarly to their counterparts for a quick and seamless workflow when putting together your track. You’ll find sonics such as shimmering synthetic strings, organic arpeggiated mallet plucks, through to distorted bass’, all accompanied with respective MIDI files to enable you to quickly stack your own favourite synths on top. Not to forget the selection of bass / synth one shots for loading into a sampler to play your own melodies with for true creative freedom.

What really sets Anubis apart from the rest is the environment that is created from the collection of foley infused SFX, containing a selection of risers, stabs,sweeps, sub drops, vox hits, and textures. The sonic aesthetic of the SFX is really what provides a unique characteristic and detail which helps plunge the track into the dark underworld of Anubis.

Anubis continues to push the worlds of synthetic and organic together, perfectfor producers of all levels who are keen to broaden their sample collection with high quality content to incorporate in their tracks.



  • 62 Crunchy drum hits
  • 16 Jarring drum loops (Full bounces and stem bounces)
  • 10 Bonus percussion loops
  • 10 Heavy bass loops (including Midi files)
  • 10 Dark chord loops (including Midi files)
  • 10 Piercing melody loops (including Midi files)
  • 38 Foley infused SFX
  • 22 Musical one shots


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