Ametaphor Melodic Air Vol. 1 WAV

Ametaphor Melodic Air Vol. 1 WAV

Ametaphor Melodic Air Vol. 1 WAV
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‘Melodic Air’ is a series of vocal sample packs featuring my singing voice in a style that is soft, sultry, and breathy. In Volume 1, I explore mostly high-ranged wordless ad-libs that are short, sweet, and purely improvised. These kinds of vocal clips can be used in any genre to bring a delicate feminine quality, whether you choose to place them upfront as a lead or chop them up to add another instrumental layer to your mix. I personally love how incredibly ethereal in nature they can become with elongated reverbs and delays added – a style that can elegantly flow over ambient synths and symphonic chord progressions, or add a smooth legato element to a contrasting percussive accompaniment. I’ve meticulously processed this collection of vocal samples to have the sparkling clarity and brightness that I like, and left them dry so that you can explore your own effects. The possibilities are endless, so have fun with it! 20 dry processed samples.


Melodic Air Vol. 1

•Airy High Notes
•20 Dry Processed Samples


Demo Preview: