ADSR Sounds Track from Scratch, In the Style of Kygo TUTORIAL

ADSR Sounds Track from Scratch, In the Style of Kygo TUTORIAL

ADSR Sounds Track from Scratch, In the Style of Kygo TUTORIAL
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Whether you’re a fan of Kygo, dance music, or you just want to see how the pro’s do it. This course takes you through the key steps and processes from getting your ideas down and picking sounds through to mapping out your arrangement and mixing your track.

Course Features

In this course we are going to learn how to make a track in a similiar style as Kygo. Kygo is a Norwegian Producer and DJ who gained mainstream fame through his popularizaqtion of the Tropical House genre. Since then he has played in arenas and at festivals across the globe, and collaborated with stars such as Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding – find out why and learn how to capture this sound now!

53 Minutes of focused, professional video instruction
5 tutorial videos providing focused production techniques and creative tips for Dance Music
Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons

Course Summary

► Intro/Writing Chords and Melody:

In the first video we go over the elements of a typical Kygo style track, and we write some chords and a melody that is similar to his style and common tendencies.

► Picking Sounds:

Next we put some sounds to our chords, melody, and bassline, that sound the most like sounds Kygo would use such as a tropical flute lead, and poppy piano. For this part we use sounds created in Serum as well as sounds from Nexus.

► Drums:

After we have picked our sounds, we build a basic drum loop to be the foundation for our drop section. We use a mid-tempo four-on-the-floor drumbeat, to stick with the Tropical House feel.

► Making the Track Skeleton:

In this part, we create a very barebones arrangement of what we want our track to sound like, before we go more into detail on FX and additional sounds.

► Finishing the Track:

Finally we fill in our skeleton with supplemental sounds and FX, leading us to our final product.