ADSR Sounds Produce with Push2 TUTORIAL

ADSR Sounds Produce with Push2 TUTORIAL 1

ADSR Sounds Produce with Push2 TUTORIAL

Produce with Push2 – From Fundamentals To Finishing A Track
Over 5 hours of expert tuition from an inspiring professional.

A multi-angle HD video series from Ableton Certified Trainer mredrollo, taking you through making a track from start to finish using sounds, samples and devices from Ableton Live Intro only.

Ableton Certified Trainer mredrollo AKA Ed Rollo is one of those rare individuals that transforms complex concepts into practical tools you can incorporate into your production workflow straight away. His easy teaching style makes even the most technical of processes more accessible, guiding you to improve your working knowledge of Ableton as well as your general understanding of production techniques.


Using only sounds and devices from Ableton Live Intro and samples from the Ableton Live Core Library. This course perfectly demonstrates how achievable it is for every budding producer out there with a copy of Ableton Live to make music.

In this video series you’ll go from first conceptualising an idea, to developing the idea into something, fleshing out an arrangement and finally finishing it off.

The course uses the Ableton Push2 throughout the duration of the series but you really could just use any MIDI controller on the market.

This is not an online course or a “how-to” video series. There are hundreds of videos out there that demonstrate the basics of music theory, beat making and how to use Ableton Live and the different functionalities of the Ableton Push. This video series is the practical process of putting all those techniques to use.

Course Features

Clear and pratical – learn the what, when, where, why and how of putting together a full track from start to finish with Ableton Live and Push2.

5 hours of practical, focused tuition!
47 comprehensive videos covering building a full track in Ableton Live!
Ideal for Beginner – Intermediate level producers

To help you navigate your learning journey, the course is broken down into ten modules:

  • Conceptualise
  • Main Groove
  • Track Renaming & Colour coding
  • Melodic Elements
  • Arrangement
  • Transitions & Incidentals
  • Vocals
  • Mixdown
  • Mastering
  • Final Thoughts

When I first started developing this video series I wanted to focus on creating a track from start to finish entirely on the Push 2. But Push was never designed to be used that way, it was designed to enhance your experience of using Live not to completely replace it.

About Your Tutor
Originally from Sydney, Ed Rollo is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, performer and educator. Introduced to music at a young age, he started playing drums in bands which led to multiple national tours, lengthy recording sessions and performing with some of Australia’s finest session musicians.

As a producer, Ed specialises in electronic music using Ableton Live, hardware synthesizers, live instruments and controllers. With endless arrays of toys available, Ableton Push remains at the core of his studio setup.

Ed’s teaching credentials include co-founding Hong Kong’s leading DJ and music production school, Sol Passion Music. He has developed the curriculum for the school’s music production courses and lead countless workshops, masterclasses, and instructor training in DJing, drumming, music production and performance with Ableton Live. In 2016, Ed became an Ableton Certified Trainer, part of an elite group of music educators. He is an active member of the community, hosting Ableton User Groups and volunteering at the annual Loop Music Summit.