4AM Vibe: RnB, Trap & Pop Sample Pack WAV

4AM Vibe: RnB, Trap & Pop Sample Pack WAV 1

4AM Vibe: RnB, Trap & Pop Sample Pack WAV

Bringing you the best loops in beat making, 4AM Vibe is packed with all you need for weeks of inspiration and impeccable songwriting. Using an immense variety of instruments and moods, every loop will have you up at night writing sexy beats with musical depth!

The library includes professional stacks which can be resampled to your heart’s content, or if you fancy getting more intricate, you can dissect that loop down with each individual part, allowing complete control over your track. As always with our libraries, the interchangeability and synergy between the samples easily allow you to chop and change your sounds around depending on your goals.

Whether you are loading the professional individual drum hits into your own drum rack or warping one of the gorgeous synth loops, this library is a must-have for your workflow. Build the sound you want with 4AM Vibe and start impressing everyone around you.

Pack contains:

473 x Total Files
61 x Drum Loops
254 x Music Loops
20 x 808 Bas One-Shots
110 x Drum One-Shots
28 x SFX

24 Bit WAV Format
100% Royalty-Free


Demo Preview: